How To Start Sim Racing Guide

How to start Sim Racing

Sim racing is the closest you can get to real racing BUT without the massive price tag. But how do you start?

Here’s our handy introduction guide for those wishing to start out in sim racing.

What is needed for sim racing?

The first thing you are going to need to start sim racing is an actual sim racing game.

Thankfully there is a wide variety of racing simulator games on the market for all platforms. Here’s a list of the more popular ones.

IRacing Logo

IRacing (PC) – This is a competitve subscription based racing sim that has a massive serious community behind it.

RFactor (PC) – Can be found on steam along with RFactor 2. Has a great forum and you can always find a race.

Assetto Corsa (PC/Xbox/Ps4) – A semi-serious game but beware there can be mayhem in the public races.

Project Cars 2 Logo

Project Cars 2 (Pc/Xbox/Ps4) – More arcade but still a real blast and the car liverys are fantastic.

Race Room (PC) – A little more serious has a vast catolouge of vehicles, has premium content that you need to pay for. 

Gran Turismo Sport (Ps4) – Gran Tursimo has always been a semi sim franchise and aims to add that extra something. Online play can sometimes be a little buggy.

Assetto Corsa Screenshot

Remember, there are many many more sim racing games, these are just a few to get you started.

The best way to start sim racing

When starting out in sim racing its best to start off with a small budget. People can sometimes fall into the trap of thinking that the more expensive the gear, the better they will be. This is NOT the case.

You can buy a steering wheel from as little as $99 and this will be ideal to use to decide whether or not sim racing is for you (some people just can’t get into it). 

Thrustmaster 458 Spider Steering Wheel

Once you feel comfortable with your sim game of choice then maybe that’s when a more advanced wheel might be beneficial.

Although not a necessity, after buying a sim steering wheel the next step would be to add a sim racing cockpit. You can buy various sim cockpits, prices starting from $100 a go right up to $1000’s.

It goes without saying that when starting out you might want to go for more of a budget set-up. Some people even decide to make their own cockpit’s. These can be made at a fraction of the cost.

Diy Sim Racing Rig

How much does a sim racing setup cost?

Our very first sim cockpit was made from an old desk turned on it’s back and an old car seat that was bought from a local salvage yard. The wheel was the official Xbox 360 wheel and the game was Project Gotham Racing. Probably only cost in total around $30.

The cost doesn’t have to be extortionate and people regularly build their own DIY sim cockpits, in fact there are whole communities built around this very topic.

Sim racing gear

As you become more involved in sim racing you might find yourself wanting to upgrade your equipment. Sim racing has a vast variety of products, from gear shifters, replica steering wheels, heavy-duty sim cockpits, seat rumblers and lots more.

Expensive Car Sim Cockpit

The more pieces of gear you get the closer you get to the real thing.

So there we have a quick guide to your journey into the world of sim racing. We hope you found this helpful and as always make sure to let us know if there is anything you would like us to add to this guide or any other guides in the future.

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