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How to fit a sim steering wheel

OK, so you have your new sim racing steering wheel and you are ready to start showing your friends who’s boss. You get home but you realise you just don’t have a clue on exactly how you even fit your steering wheel.

Fortunately most sim steering wheel manufacturers have a handy instruction manual within the packaging, but, what happens if you bought yours used? Well, fear not we have your back here at Elite Sim Racers.

We have put together a list on how to fit the most popular sim steering wheels, feel free to use the navigation links below to jump to your particular steering wheel.

How do I fit my Logitech g27 sim steering wheel?

Logitech G27 Sim Steering WheelThe Logitech g27 was one of the very first semi serious racing sim steering wheels that you could buy. Made from very robust plastic and metal parts it boasts paddle shifters and a leather feel steering wheel.

The Logitech g27 comes with adjustable clamps on the base so that you can attach it to any flat surface. The clamps are tightened by hand and done correctly can offer a no slip experience.

There are pre drilled bolt holes for those that want to have more of a percent fixture, you will need an M6X1.0 bolt, length determined by how thick the surface is your mounting too.

For those that have the gear shifter, you can also mount using the in-built clamps. Although we have found that these are pretty flimsy and never seem to get tight enough. Luckily there are also pre drilled bolt holes on the base of the shifter too.

The pedals are made from stainless steel and they use spring dampeners for gas, brake and clutch. The base is a tough plastic with a carpet gripper built into it. This helps to keep the pedals from slipping around.

How do I fit my Logitech g29/g920 sim steering wheel?

Logitech G29 Sim Steering WheelThe Logitech g29 and the Logitech g920 are the upgraded versions of the g27 and are compatible with games consoles. The g29 is compatible with the PS3 PS4 and PC and the g920 is compatible with the Xbox 360 Xbox one and the PC.

Both the Logitech g29 and the g920 are mountable by using the in-built clamps. They are tightened by hand and hook onto any flat surface.

You can permanently mount the g29 and g920 by using the pre drilled bolt holes in the base of the wheel. You will need a M6X1.0 (not-Supplied) to fit the bolt holes.

The shifter mounts using similar clamps but can be quite weak and bolting to a more permanent fixture is a better option. Again the shifter has pre drilled bolt holes that also take the M6X1.0 bolt.

The pedals included are made from stainless steel and have a brushed metal effect. The dampeners are spring loaded and adjustable. The base is made from a tough durable plastic and has an in-built carpet gripper to aid in stability when under load.

How do I fit my Thrustmaster t80 Ferrari 488 or 458 Spider sim steering wheel?

Thrustmaster 458 Spider Sim Steering WheelThe Thrustmaster t80 Ferrari 488 and the Thrustmaster 458 Spider are entry level steering wheels. They offer a great experience for a budget sim racing wheel.

The Thrustmaster t80 488 is compatible with the PS4 and PC, the 458 is compatible with the Xbox One. Both wheels are licenced by Ferrari and are 8:10 replicas.

The 488 and 458 both have a rubber wrap to help with grip when gaming and use a bungee system to return the wheel to its center position.

You mount the wheel with its central clamp that sports wide fitting jaws to help the wheel clamp to any flat surface. 

The Thrustmaster 488 and 458 come with dual pedals, gas and brake. The pedals are adjustable depending on how high or low you sit in your driving position.

How do I fit my Thrustmaster T150 sim steering wheel?

Thrustmaster T150 Sim Steering WheelThe Thrustmaster T150 is the natural step up from the Thrustmaster t80, a very similar wheel but it has the added function of adjustable force-feedback. This is accomplished with the combination of gears and pulley mechanism.

The T150 has 1080 degrees of rotation and has a rubber grip to aid grip when you are having those sweaty palm moments. The Thrustmaster T150 is mountable using the center clamp that is included. The mount is screwed into the base of the steering wheel and uses an adjustable bolt. The wide-jaw design allows the user to mount it to any suitable flat surface.

The T150 comes with extra wide spring loaded dual pedals, gas and brake. Made from a robust plastic they do look a little cheap.

How do I fit my Thrustmaster T300 sim steering wheel?

Thrustmaster T300 Sim Steering WheelThe Thrustmaster T300 is a slight upgrade but still falls into our budget range. It is often compared to the Logitech g29 and offers a lot of similar specs.

The Thrustmaster is the first fully official PS4 force-feedback steering wheel and offers 1080 degrees of rotation. The steering wheel is wrapped in a rubber grip to help with grip.

The wheel is detachable using a quick release system. Thrustmaster offers a wide range of wheel ‘add-ons’ ranging from rally wheels to F1 replicas.

The gas, brake and clutch pedals are stainless steel and are spring dampened, the base is a non-slip tough plastic. You can use other compatible pedal systems from the Thrustmaster ‘Eco-System’.

We hope you have found this guide helpful. If there is a wheel that you are having trouble with and we havent listed it, please get in contact by using our contact page and we will add your sim steering wheel to the guide.

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