DRIFT 21 Driffting Simulator

DRIFT 21 Drifting Simulator (Could this be the best drifting game for PC in 2020?)

DRIFT 21 is the new offering from 505 games and centers around the drifting aspect of racing simulation. Could this be the best drifting game for PC?

Let’s be honest we have been starved of multiplayer drift games for a long time and it seems that drifting is taking off again recently. We have lost count of how many videos we have watched in the last month of people who could literally be the best drifter’s in the world.

In this drifting simulator, you will be able to build your dream drift car, tweak the suspension and alter the performance of your engine.

505 have managed to bring in actual licenced cars from Mazda, Subaru and Nissan and tracks from the Ebisu Circuit in Japan.

The game is steering wheel compatible and is available on PC through the steam network.

DRIFT 21 is currently in early release and has recently had an update which included some important fixes and changes.


• Fixed a bug related to the FFB invert function for some Thrustmaster steering wheels

• Fixed a bug where the engine sound did not turn off despite the ignition being turned off

• Fixed a bug where footstep sounds were inaudible

• Fixed a bug where in certain circumstances tooltip icons were missing

• Fixed a bug that allowed players to mount rims with unsupported sizes

• Fixed incorrectly displayed in-game currencies

• Fixed a bug with some in-game windows and sprites showing improperly on unusual resolutions and screen ratios

• Fixed incorrectly displaying tire sprites in Warehouse

• Fixed a critical bug that prevented players from finishing the tutorial

• Fixed a bug that allowed players to access and spawn non-purchased parts from Warehouse

Localization changes

• Small changes to texts in Paint Booth and during Tutorial

• Added missing translations to challenge result screen and Driving Setup subwindows,

• Changes to texts and font display throughout the project

Other changes

• Small changes in the way the game saves are named

• Changes to the handbrake range based on input type and connected controller

• Rearranged result screen window to always show information crucial to the challenge

• Changes to decal history in Paint Booth

• Changes to Warehouse content (removed obsolete car parts)

DRIFT 21 is not in official release yet, so what can you expect to find in the early release version? 


• Mazda MX5

• Nissan Silvia S15

• Subaru BRZ


• i4

• i6


• EBISU School

• EBISU Driftland

• EBISU Minami

Game modes:

• Garage

• Car paintshop

• Free Play

• Solo Run

• Time Attack

°Steering wheel support: Fanatec – ThrustmasterLogitech

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