ButtKicker Guide for the Sim Racer

Following on from our recent Sim racing accessories post, where we talk about the next accessories you need to take your sim racing experience to the next level. We thought we would write a guide on the Buttkicker and its alternative budget DIY project the Bass Shaker. What is a ButtKicker? A ButtKicker is an […]

DRIFT 21 Driffting Simulator

DRIFT 21 Drifting Simulator (Could this be the best drifting game for PC in 2020?)

DRIFT 21 is the new offering from 505 games and centers around the drifting aspect of racing simulation.¬†Could this be the best drifting game for PC? Let’s be honest we have been starved of multiplayer drift games for a long time and it seems that drifting is taking off again recently. We have lost count […]

Do Racing Shoes Make a Difference?

Do Driving Shoes Make a Difference?

Do Driving Shoes Actually Make a Difference? This question gets asked a lot around the forums and internet. So we have put together this guide to help you decide if your next purchase should be some sim racing shoes. What are Driving Shoes? Driving shoes are exactly what they sound like, shoes for driving, but […]

Farming simulator 19

The Best Farming Simulator Steering Wheel (Old and New)

Here at ESR, we love most things simulator, one of those things has to be Farming Simulator. There is nothing more satisfying than harvesting a field of wheat and then bailing the hay and neatly packing it onto a trailer ready for sale, am I right? But if you are a lover of this particular […]

7 Best Sim Racing Games – 2020 Edition.

7 Best Sim Racing Games in 2020 Tech changes within the sim racing world and so do the games, fortunately.  With more and more racing games becoming available we thought we would put together our top 7 car simulator racing games. These racing games are in no particular order and are rated on multiple factors […]