Sim Racing Accessories

Sim Racing Accessories Explained (With Some Examples)

Sim Racing Accessories Sim racing can be enjoyed with a simple set up consisting of just a wheel and some pedals. But, after a while, you might decide you need to add more sim racing kit to push for more immersion a better experience or try to get closer to that world record track time. […]

Farming simulator 19

The Best Farming Simulator Steering Wheel (Old and New)

Here at ESR, we love most things simulator, one of those things has to be Farming Simulator. There is nothing more satisfying than harvesting a field of wheat and then bailing the hay and neatly packing it onto a trailer ready for sale, am I right? But if you are a lover of this particular […]

Logitech G29

How to fit a sim steering wheel

OK, so you have your new sim racing steering wheel and you are ready to start showing your friends who’s boss. You get home but you realise you just don’t have a clue on exactly how you even fit your steering wheel. Fortunately most sim steering wheel manufacturers have a handy instruction manual within the […]